Tribute to Mark Hollis

Mark Hollis

Source: Wikipedia

Just today I learned that Mark Hollis is dead. I was just browsing on IMDb, and I decided to see his profile where I learned that he died on 25th February 2019. I was so feeling so low after reading about his death in Wikipedia.

Only a few days ago I was listening to his album Laughing Stock, and I was telling my wife that this album is so good, that I make sure I am focussed to its music - not treating it as background music. I feel that, if I use it as background music I am disrespecting the music, the album and Mark Hollis himself.

He was an inspiration to me. Besides his music, the most fascinating thing I liked about him is that he didn’t pursue money and fame. I liked how he slowly changed the music style in later years of Talk Talk, how he chose to make artful music - rather than making music for the masses.

I was so much hoping that someday he would make a comeback, but then he died…


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