About me

I am from Kolkata, India. I have been working in tech industry since 6 years. My specialities are Drupal, PHP and JavaScript.

I like to learn new technologies. Nowadays, I am more inclined towards learning software design patterns, and implement them using a programming language.

I work as a Developer (Contractor) at Acro Media Inc. I am always interested in working for product based services. See my qualifications and past working history here.

I play with code a lot, you can see them at GitHub. Like my work? Hire me.

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I am an open source envangelist. Drupal is the first open source project that I came across, and I am contributing to the project too. I like to help people, well… as far as my schedule allows :blush:

Besides coding, I like hanging out with friends, play games on my beloved PlayStation 4, music , movies, cooking. I am a health freak but a foodie too :wink: Follow me on Twitter if you want to know what I am up to :smile: