PHP Projects


A Drupal module that uses List.js library to add search to lists. List.js is a native JavaScript library, therefore jQuery is not required. List.js is a tiny, invisible and simple, yet powerful and incredibly fast vanilla JavaScript library that adds search and flexibility to plain HTML lists. Check this out in

Views Base Url

A Drupal module that provides site’s base URL as token in Views. The main purpose of this module is to create a link with absolute path through “Global:Custom text” option. Check this out in

Commerce Ajax Add to Cart

A Drupal module that ajaxifies the add to cart operation. The updated cart will be displayed without page refresh and a popup message will be shown after you add an item to cart. You can customize the look of the blocks using its template files. Check this out in


A Drupal module that allows you to send SMS using SMSGatewayHub with Drupal. You can send promotional SMS to users using the service. Check this out in